Sandy Smith Lakeshore Real Estate Group

The Sandy Smith Lakeshore Real Estate Group at Kurilla Real Estate specializes in lakeshore property throughout Central Minnesota. Our mission is to assemble a team of real estate professionals that will provide the lakeshore buyer and seller with a level of knowledge and expertise that goes far beyond that of the traditional residential real estate brokerage. 


Specialization: The process of concentrating on and becoming an expert in a particular subject. We don’t just put it on our business cards, we live it!

Lakeshore Specific Marketing: By concentrating all of our marketing on lakeshore we avoid getting lost in the advertising clutter. Buyers know they will find what they're looking for and we don’t have to work so hard to find them.

Service: Expert service has been a never-ending core value of Kurilla Real Estate since it was founded.  In an effort to compete, many brokerages simply hire more agents. The philosophy is more agents equal more sales. We stand in stark contrast to that philosophy. We measure our success by the quality of our transactions.

Knowledge: Lakeshore buyers are not just buying a home, they are buying a lake. We have detailed knowledge of the lakes in our region. We can confidently provide critical details to buyers such as water quality, lake depth, fishing potential, shoreline conditions, zoning regulations along with information on area amenities such as restaurants, golf, and shopping.

Experience: I have been a licensed agent specializing in Lakeshore with Kurilla Real Estate since 2001. Since 2007 I have been an owner of the brokerage.  Lakeshore transactions are inherently complicated. Having the experience to recognize potential issues and knowing the processes for resolving them saves our clients time and money.

Advising: Educating buyers and sellers is the fundamental theme of our system. Having a depth of knowledge in the features that create value in the lakeshore market is essential to making wise decisions. We take the time to listen to our clients so that we understand their desires. By aligning client’s expectations with the market conditions we eliminate the frustration of unnecessary showings and speed up the sale process.

Buyers: Lakeshore buyers come to us because of our experience and expertise in the lakeshore market. People today care less about brands and instead are focused on who can provide them with detailed accurate information and quality advice.

Reputation: For over 50 years Kurilla Real Estate has been successfully bringing lakeshore buyers and sellers together throughout Central Minnesota. We are recognized nationally as the local Lakeshore Specialist. Our clients demand a brokerage that holds itself to the highest standard.

Passion: We understand that we’re not just selling houses we’re selling lifestyles. I don’t necessarily like houses but I love lake homes.  From rustic seasonal cabins to high-end lake estates they all have a story to tell and are an absolute pleasure to market, show and sell.  It’s been proven that being near water can make us happier, healthier, and more connected to the people we care about. We know this to be true because we see it every day in the clients we represent.




Kurilla Real Estate was founded in 1964 by Gary Kurilla and has been listing and selling premier lakeshore throughout Central Minnesota ever since.  As an owner of Kurilla Real Estate, I am very proud of our long history of success and I’m dedicated to carrying on the legacy of honesty, integrity and expert service that Gary Kurilla laid forth. 




 Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial: We listed our Woman Lake properties with Sandy Smith and the Lake Shore Real Estate Group. They sold both properties for us in less than 30 days in a down market. It was great working with a true professional who has excellent knowledge of the Woman Lake area. We will definitely be using Sandy again!”.

Client Testimonial: “Before we listed our Sibley Lake home we interviewed 3 local realtors. The first 2 showed up wearing ties and proceeded to give elaborate powerpoint presentations about their vast marketing expertise. Then Sandy showed up wearing a golf shirt and a friendly smile. After 5 minutes I knew his experience and easy going personality were what buyers would relate to. We signed a listing contract with him that day and could not be happier with our decision.”

Client Testimonial: “We had our lake home listed with a metro brokerage for over 2 years.  When we were considering switching realtors a friend suggested that we call Sandy. We thought we needed to use a brokerage that buyers from the metro would recognize so we were hesitant to use a local realtor. Sandy assured us that anyone looking for lakeshore in Central Minnesoat will start their search at Kurilla Real Estate. Boy was he right!  We had more showings in the first 2 weeks listed with Sandy than we had the previous 2 years and the property was sold in less than a month. From marketing the property to negotiating the sale, right through to the closing, every detail was handled professionally.”

Client Testimonial: “I’ve worked exclusively with Sandy to buy and sell lakeshore property in Brainerd Lakes Area over the last 10 years. He possesses local knowledge, a strong work ethic and a professional approach along with a comfortable low key manner. He is educated, has traveled the world, and is committed to the local community. I have complete confidence in Sandy Smith"

Tom Kurvers - Assistant GM; Minnesota Wild,  Minnetonka, MN.

Client Testimonial: “When health issues forced us to put our lake property in the Brainerd Area up for sale, Sandy Smith from Kurilla Real Estate became our realtor. The first words Sandy said when he saw our Lake Ossawinnamakee property were, "I will sell this property for you!" And that he did. What a pleasure working with such a competent, well-spoken and knowledgeable man. We highly recommend Sandy Smith and Kurilla Real Estate to anyone buying or selling lakeshore property.”

Client Testimonial: “Sandy helped us find our Gull Lake cabin. Being in real estate we know the value of using a local expert. His understanding of our desires and knowledge of the Lakeshore market were crucial in minimizing our search time and ultimately finding the perfect lake home for our family. We could not have been happier with Sandy Smith and Kurilla Real Estate!”

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